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Torture -part 1 “From Guantanamo to Bahrain”

“But the one person from Bahrain who fought for our freedom till the end was Nabeel Rajab from the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.” This was part of an interview with Juma Mohammed Al Dossary, a former Guantanamo prisoner from … Continue reading

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“Arsenal of Tyranny”; the Western Hand in Bahrain

Prior to independence, the British with mercenaries from India helped the royal family crush any popular protest or uprising. Things didn’t change much afterwards; upon independence, Ian Henderson, a ruthless colonial police officer, who previously crushed the Mau Mau Uprising … Continue reading

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Arab Ruling Elite and the Detachment from Reality & History

Watching what’s happening across the Arab World; it’s really simple-minded to call it a spreading virus. This is a change in consciousness; and these changes can be identified clearly throughout history. The Information age has provided a perfect vessel for … Continue reading

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